Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Stone Cloud Gardens

I'm in DC and Geoff is holding down the fort back home. I've been here since Sunday at a networking meeting for the Kellogg Health Scholars Program, a postdoctoral fellowship program that I will be starting in the fall. When I was rummaging through my bag tonight, I came across a fluorescent green flier that I picked up from Stone Cloud Gardens at the farmers' market on Saturday. On the back of the flier are a series of questions from Marjorie Johns, Stone Cloud Gardens farmer and soap maker (pictured here with her heirloom tomato starts), to ask farmers at the farmers' market. Here are some of them: Did you grow this? What type of soil do you have? How do you amend, nurture, and sustain the fertility of the soil? How do you handle pests? How do you handle disease? How do you handle weeks? How do you prepare this food for yourself?

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