Monday, May 5, 2008

Kids' Menus in Arizona

We just got back home from a 9-day trip to Arizona. Caroline and I left last Saturday and Geoff joined us on Tuesday night. Half of the trip was devoted to the 2008 Food and Society conference that I wrote about on December 2nd and the other half was spent relaxing in Sedona. I will write more about the conference later this week but what's on my mind right at the moment are kids' menus. Why are they all pretty much the same? Mac n' cheese, chicken fingers, burger, cheese pizza. Caroline had her share of mac n' cheese last week. I wish that restaurants would just make small kid-size portions of their adult fare. My wish came true (almost) at Elote Cafe in Sedona. Chef Jeff Smedstad uses local and sustainably produced ingredients whenever possible. The food and red rock views at Elote Cafe were incredible. Caroline had the cheese quesadilla, black beans, lettuce, and Mexican rice. She loved her quesadilla but wasn't crazy about the beans, lettuce, or rice. But she did pick at my salad of Arizona tomatoes, Oaxaca cheese and cider vinegrette...mmm.

Caroline's Lunchbox Menu: Breakfast - O's, pearsauce; Lunch - brown rice with beet greens, feta cheese, and dill, banana; Snacks - blueberries (frozen, Walton Orchards), whole wheat graham crackers

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Lori Baralt said...

The food looks delicious! Can't wait to see you and here about the trip...and the rest of the food.

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