Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Farmers' Markets Now Open!

Farmers' markets across Michigan are now in operation! The Meridian Township market is the one that we go to almost every Saturday from May through October. I was just checking out the Michigan Farmers' Markets website and learned that there are several markets in my area that we've never explored. It's only Wednesday night but I am already getting excited about all of the fresh locally grown vegetables that will be for sale...and will I be lucky enough to find strawberries?

Caroline's Lunchbox Menu, May 8th: Breakfast - ten grain hot cereal, prunes; Lunch - egg salad (Grazing Fields eggs), 100% whole grain bread, carrots, Minneola tangerine; Snacks - hummus, mixed vegetables

Childcare Center Menu, May 8th: Breakfast - flour tortillas with shredded cheese, kiwi; Lunch - egg salad sandwich, carrots, watermelon; Snacks - veggies, sour cream dip

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Lori Baralt said...

We went to the Meridian Farmer's Market on Saturday and it was great. We got some delicious asparagus and spinach. There were a few strawberries already and tons of beautiful flowers. I love the farmer's market.

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