Thursday, May 8, 2008

Fresh Produce - Only for the Wealthy?

I'm feeling depressed about our food system after writing about the plight of migrant farmworkers and their children on Tuesday. If migrant farmworkers were paid more and if their children were protected under child labor laws, our food prices would increase. This would not necessarily be a bad thing if it meant that these children and their families were protected. But what will happen to the 37 million Americans who live below the poverty line ($21,200 for a family of four)? Would fresh fruits and vegetables become a luxury item only for the wealthy? The rising cost of food and public outrage over the high price of fresh produce and staples like rice, milk, and eggs suggest that many are already struggling with trying to make ends meet and put healthy meals on the dinner table.

Caroline's Lunchbox Menu, May 9th: Breakfast - whole wheat mini bagel, Minneola tangerine; Lunch - whole wheat English muffin cheese pizza, carrots, pears (canned); Snacks - banana bread, sunflower butter

Childcare Center Menu, May 9th: Breakfast - bagels, strawberry jam; Lunch - cheese pizza, cucumbers, cantaloupe; Snacks - soft pretzels, mustard

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