Monday, May 26, 2008

Saturday Farmers' Market Picks

Caroline and Geoff went to California for the Memorial Day weekend. I opted to stay behind to focus on my dissertation defense, which is on June 2nd, just one week away. It feels weird to be the one left behind...It's lonely and boring. And I've found that I don't like to cook for one. I've eaten a lot of salad this weekend but other than that, I haven't felt inspired to pull together anything else with all of the fresh vegetables I bought this weekend at the farmers' market. In addition to the salad mix and lettuce from Pooh Stevenson (Owosso Organics), I also picked up some asparagus and rhubarb from Threadgould Gardens and broccoli rabe and Easter Egg radishes from Wildflower Eco Farm. Geoff and Caroline will be heading back to Lansing tomorrow and I will be glad to have them home.

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