Wednesday, May 14, 2008

My House Is A Mess!

When we first moved into our Lansing home, the girl that lived next door came over and asked if she could hang out at our place until the police arrived. When she came home from school that night, she discovered that her back door was wide open and called the police to have them check it out before she stepped foot inside. I distinctly remember what the police said after they did their walk-through. "There is so much clutter in your house that we can't tell if you've been robbed." After that, I promised myself that my house would never be mistaken for a house that had been robbed. Fast forward three years. Caroline is born and my house is a mess. I write this because today, Caroline's teacher asked me how I manage to make her meals everyday. I told her that I just do. But that sounds like the answer of some perfect mom who has a clean car, doesn't have oatmeal goop on her sweater everyday, and runs marathons in her spare time. And I am not that mom. After thinking about it, I realized that I manage to make Caroline's meals everyday because I don't care about tripping over toys, dirty dishes in the sink, onion peels left on the counter, doing my hair, or wearing make-up. Well, I take that back. I do care but my priorities are just different than they were 21 months ago.

Caroline's Lunchbox Menu, May 15: Breakfast - pearsauce, rhubarb muffin; Lunch - baked and marinated tofu, brown rice, asparagus (Threadgould Gardens), Easter Egg radish (Owosso Organics); Snacks - Minneola tangerine, whole milk plain yogurt

Childcare Center Menu, May 15: Breakfast - applesauce, raisins, bread; Lunch - sweet and sour chicken, brown rice, California vegetables, grapes; Snacks - trail mix

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