Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Survey Results Part II

Well, I was wrong. It turns out that the last food and nutrition committee was productive and that the committee agreed on some goals, based on survey responses, to improve the food program. Since I had to skip the meeting (maybe I should always skip the meeting...) I don't know what those goals are. Except that I was volunteered to identify some healthier snacks to substitute for all of the cinnamon bun crackers, saltines, cookies, cakes, smiley fries, etc. That shouldn't be too difficult. I am only half joking about skipping the meetings. I have been thinking about removing myself from the committee because, well, I simply don't have the time. I am buried in my research and in applying for postdoctoral positions. But there is a part of me that feels obligated to continue participating on the committee. I feel lucky that Caroline doesn't have to eat the food that is served at the center. But I feel badly for all of the other children who do eat there, day in and day out, two meals and two snacks a day. So, I'll give it another month. And about the daily pearsauce - we're finding that it is pretty much the only thing that helps to keep her somewhat regular (though still straining). I'm just glad that she likes it!

Caroline's Lunchbox Menu, December 19: Breakfast - 9 grain hot cereal, pearsauce; Lunch - egg salad, 100% whole grain bread, carrots; Snacks - Ak-Mak crackers, cauliflower

Childcare Center Menu, December 19: Breakfast - cream of wheat, bananas, raisins; Lunch - egg salad sandwich, tomato slices, honeydew; Snacks - celery, cream cheese, saltine crackers

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