Sunday, December 2, 2007

Red Cabbage and Curly Kale

Mac n' cheese is on the menu tomorrow but since I didn't have the right ingredients, I experimented using what I had on hand. Our friend Christine gave us a beautiful red cabbage from her garden a couple of weeks ago so I dug that out and used it in place of green cabbage. That was an easy switch. My recipe calls for mushrooms and since I didn't have any on hand, I used curly kale. I didn't choose kale for any particular reason - I just had a big bunch of it in my refrigerator. I served my red cabbage and curly kale mac n' cheese for dinner tonight and Caroline seemed to like it! Geoff and I liked it too but I think I like the green cabbage and mushroom version better. I am off to Arizona tomorrow morning so Geoff will be in charge until Thursday. I'll be attending the 2008 Food and Society conference planning committee meeting. What's Food and Society? It's a program of the W.K. Kellogg Foundation that "is based on a vision of a future food system that provides all segments of society a safe and nutritious food supply, grown in a manner that protects health and the environment, and adds economic and social value to rural and urban communities." Thanks for standing-in for me, Geoff!

Caroline's Lunchbox Menu, December 3: Breakfast - O's, pearsauce; Lunch - red cabbage (Christine's garden) and curly kale mac n' cheese, peas (frozen, Cascadian Farm), Snacks - 100% whole grain bread, apple butter, blueberries (frozen, Walton Orchards)

Childcare Center Menu, December 3: Breakfast - Grape juice, Cheerios, Rice Krispies, Golden Grahams; Lunch - mac n' cheese, California vegetables, bananas; Snacks - carrots, breadsticks

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