Monday, December 10, 2007

Hard Red Spring Wheat Apple Pancakes

In October, just before the farmers' market closed for the season, I bought some grains from Mattie Jennings. Mattie and Archie Jennings own Jennings Bros. Stone Ground Grains in Nashville, Michigan. They started their operation in 2005 with seven different varieties of ancient grains (ranging from 150-6000 years old). Today, they sell 2 lb bags of organic (spelt, buckwheat, hard red spring wheat, multi-grain and non-organic grains and mixes (Hopi blue corn, Bloody Butcher corn, Truckers Favorite, Hickory King, Reid's Yellow Dent, Black Aztec). When I first met Mattie, she was giving away spelt graham cracker samples. Caroline loved them and I was sold! I have the hard red spring wheat and spelt flours in my freezer and have been treating Geoff and Caroline to hard red spring wheat pancakes on Sunday mornings. I love the texture and taste of these flours. Tomorrow, I will add thinly sliced apples to my pancake batter and make whole wheat apple pancakes for Caroline's afternoon snack.

Caroline's Lunchbox Menu, December 11: Breakfast - O's, pearsauce; Lunch - cheese quesadilla, broccoli, corn; Snacks - whole wheat apple pancakes

Childcare Center Menu, December 11: Breakfast - applesauce, wheat croissants; Lunch - enchiladas, corn, kiwi; Snacks - pound cake, cucumbers

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