Sunday, December 16, 2007

Locally Grown Dry Pinto Beans!

I found locally grown dried pinto beans at the East Lansing Food Co-op this weekend! It's been a chilly, snowy day so I made a pinto bean stew with locally grown red kabocha squash, tomatoes canned this summer, and corn kernels frozen this summer. It was delicious and together with cornbread, the perfect meal for a cold winter night. The recipe is from Deborah Madison's other cookbook, Greens. I followed the recipe but skipped the chili peppers and garnish (cilantro or parsley). I used sweet Hungarian paprika in the stew but I think that it might have made the dish a bit too spicy for Caroline. She ate it but only because I cooled it down with a huge dollop of whole milk yogurt. I thought that sweet Hungarian paprika was....well, sweet. I guess it could have been the cumin that gave this stew its kick. But it was good and Caroline ate it so it will be added to my repertoire of Michigan winter dishes. I don't know if it will mimic tomorrow's lunch entree though because we didn't get a copy of the childcare center menu last Friday.

Caroline's Lunchbox Menu, December 17: Breakfast - O's, pearsauce; Lunch - cornbread and pinto bean stew with red kabocha squash, tomatoes, and corn; Snacks - tofu cubes, pomegranate

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Chicken Mama's Musings said...

Local pintos! I'm going to check and see if they still have some. Speaking of cornbread I bought THE BEST cornmeal this summer from a local grower (name escapes me will get it for you later) at the Meridian Farmer's Market. The cornmeal is stone ground, organic, and is a blend of blue, yellow and red corn. Baked up it is beautiful and the taste is so much better than store bought.

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