Tuesday, December 4, 2007

The Stand-In Returns

Well, being on our own actually is quite tough. Local, sustainable Super Mom is in Arizona leaving me and Little C to fend for ourselves. Despite the best of intentions, we've resorted to canned organic soups with Wolfgang Puck's smiling mug on the label for dinner. Based on general interest in the creamy tomato last night and hearty chicken noodle tonight, I'd say Mr. Puck is onto something for the two-year-old-and-under set. Lunch can only qualify as best effort, I'm afraid, though the reviews from daycare today were good.

Caroline's Lunchbox Menu, December 4: Breakfast - whole wheat toast with Organic Valley ricotta cheese, sliced organic pear; Lunch - brown & white rice, Amy's organic spinach pizza, steamed carrots, blueberries; Snacks - Ak-Mak crackers

Childcare Center Menu, December 4: Breakfast - pineapple & bagels with cream cheese; Lunch - chicken & rice, mixed vegetables, grapes; Snacks - soft pretzels

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