Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Constipation Success!

Well, it is indeed a happy New Year's day. After two weeks off from school, Caroline will be returning tomorrow with a proven constipation elimination regimen (no pun intended): a daily prune cooked with her morning hot cereal. Since prunes, like raisins, can easily stick to teeth and cause cavities, we have been cooking it with her hot cereal to plump it up and soften it so that it resembles bits and pieces of fruit rather than a wrinkled, sticky, hard mass. Caroline won't touch pureed prunes (which resemble hot, sticky tar) but she happily eats the prunes in her cereal. Best of all, she hasn't been as uncomfortable as she has been for the past several months!

Caroline's Lunchbox Menu, January 1: Breakfast - 10 grain hot cereal (Bob's Red Mill), prune; Lunch - mac n' cheese with spinach, mushrooms, and locally grown savoy cabbage (Cinzori Farm), green peas; Snacks - peaches (canned last summer), 100% whole grain toast

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