Tuesday, November 6, 2007

The Stand-In (Part II)

It's day two of being left to our own culinary devices and we're getting a wee bit ragged around the edges, as judged by the slowly fraying routine. Tonight's dinner, after Caroline's 45-minute nap in the driveway at home (sitting in the front seat listening to NPR I dozed, as well, probably because the heat was blasting away to help ward off the 40-degree weather outside) was: a) a 4 oz. of milk, b) squash mixed with milk, c) corn. We did share one single pinto bean, too, but really never got to "d" as Little C was clearly tired and fussy and not in the mood to do much but feed me kernels of corn or throw them on the floor. So Betty, of course, is right that the post-daycare nap just isn't a good idea. (Though I, for one, felt mildly refreshed.) Betty will be returning to her position at Caroline's Lunchbox tomorrow, good news for readers of this blog and for me and Little C. I don't blame her, by the way. Cold pinto beans are no way to end a cold early November day.

Caroline's Lunchbox Menu, November 6: Breakfast - blueberry pancakes, peaches canned during the summer; Lunch - fusilli pasta with tomato sauce (warm), lettuce, one-half of a hardboiled egg, pinto and garbanzo beams, carrots; Snacks - whole wheat graham crackers with another jar of Michigan blueberries

Childcare Center Menu, November 6: Breakfast - fruit cocktail, blueberry muffins; Lunch - ground turkey, taco lettuce, kiwi, lasagna noodles, spaghetti noodles, spaghetti sauce; Snacks - cucumber slices, pretzels

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