Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Mac n' Cheese

I have fond memories of eating Kraft Dinner when I was growing up. Kraft Dinner was in the same category as Hamburger Helper - both foods that my mom rarely made for our family. But I remember begging my mom to make it for dinner and when she did, I ate it smothered in ketchup. After I graduated from high school and reached the legal drinking age - 19 years old in Canada - Kraft Dinner was the quintessential post-party snack. I ate the fluorescent orange pasta right out of the pot before collapsing into bed. Now, the thought of feeding Caroline Kraft Dinner makes my stomach churn. I don't even want to know what makes the powder turn fluorescent orange. I have tried to make mac n' cheese in the past but have always ended up with macaroni and clumpy cheese. I know where I went wrong. The secret to creamy mac n' cheese is Velveeta. But there must be a way to make mac n' cheese without resorting to Velveeta. But how? Mac n' cheese is on the menu tomorrow. I found a recipe in one of my Moosewood cookbooks that calls for cottage cheese, yogurt or buttermilk, and cheddar cheese. This recipe sounded promising especially because it also calls for cabbage and whole wheat pasta. I made this mac n' cheese (with a few adaptations) tonight using the last of my green cabbage from Pooh Stevenson at Owosso Organics. If Caroline likes it, I will post my recipe tomorrow.

Caroline's Lunchbox Menu, November 14: Breakfast - oatmeal, Bartlett pear; Lunch - mac n' cheese, peas and carrots (frozen, Cascadian Farm); Snacks - cornbread, applesauce

Childcare Center Menu, November 14: Breakfast - oatmeal, bananas, raisins; Lunch - mac n' cheese, California vegetables, apples; Snacks - Smiley fries, ketchup


Lori Baralt said...

I am eager to know if Caroline likes it, and if so, how to make it. George and I get Amy's mac n' cheese every now and then. Like you, we both have fond memories of it from childhood and find it a good comfort food. I ate it a couple times while taking my comps. My mom used to make it for lunch for my sister and me on Saturday when we were home with her helping clean the house and my sister and I both loved it! (and yes, it was the kraft kind)

Lori Baralt said...

Actually, George and I get Annie's mac n' cheese, not Amy's.

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