Monday, September 10, 2007

Titus Farm Lunch

The Michigan harvest is truly at its peak. My friend Colleen is a member of the Titus Farm CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) program and since she is going out of town on Wednesday, she asked me if I'd be interested in picking up her share of fresh fruits and vegetables. Of course I said yes! The Titus' are at the Meridian Farmers' Market on Saturdays and we have been loyal customers since moving to Michigan three years ago. As a CSA member, Colleen shares the risk and the harvest with the Titus'. She pays her membership fee ($269 for 20 weeks) at the beginning of the season and in return, gets a weekly share of whatever fruits and vegetables are in season. Today's share included tomatoes (beautiful big yellow ones), zucchini, fingerling potatoes, corn, white and red onions, chard, and green beans. All for just over $13. Thanks, Colleen! Although the Titus' are not certified organic, they are the type of farmers I want to support. Paul and Rose Titus started the farm back in 1982 with their daughter Rebecca, a senior at Michigan State University majoring in horticulture. They use sustainable farming practices such as cover crops to control weeds and they don't use harmful pesticides on their fruits and vegetables. And Rebecca is a young and energetic woman. With the percentage of farmers younger than 35 declining (from 15% in 1954 to 8% in 1997), it is critical that we support young farmers. The future of farming in America depends on it. And if we don't have farms, we won't have a reliable source for food.

Caroline's Lunchbox Menu, September 11: Breakfast - O's, white peach; Lunch - tofu, Titus Farm salad (zucchini, green beans, corn and tomato), 100% whole grain bread; Snacks - cantaloupe, Ak-Mak crackers

Childcare Center Menu, September 11: Breakfast - french toast sticks, peaches; Lunch - chicken nuggets, salad, orange slices, wheat bread; Snacks - cinnamon tortillas, cucumbers

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