Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Polenta Triangles

Well, I've misplaced the childcare center menus for this week so I don't know how well Caroline's meals will mimic tomorrow's menu. I will just pack some of her favorite foods plus a new item: polenta. Polenta is easy to make. Just bring 6 cups of water and a teaspoon of salt to a boil in a heavy saucepan. While stirring, slowly add 2 cups of coarse cornmeal. Stir constantly to prevent lumps. Turn the heat down to low and continue stirring. And stirring. And stirring. For 30 minutes. Making polenta can seem time consuming but if you have a good book (or in my case a book on how to conduct a focus group) to read, the time goes by fast. I stirred with my left hand and flipped pages with my right. When the polenta was done, I added a couple tablespoons of butter. You can serve the polenta as is (soft) or you can pour it into a sheet pan and let it become firm. Once it is firm, it can be cut into squares, triangles, or any other shape. I hope Caroline enjoys the polenta as much as she enjoys corn and cornbread!

Caroline's Lunchbox Menu, September 12: Breakfast - oatmeal, peach; Lunch - cannellini beans, cucumber, fresh mozzarella cheese, tomatoes, polenta triangles; Snacks - watermelon, graham crackers

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