Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Last Times

Just like that, cantaloupe is no longer in-season. We didn't know it then, but Friday, September 21st would be the last time we would enjoy fresh cantaloupe until it is in-season again next summer. My sister Sophia once said, "It's funny how last times give no warning of coming" after her 2 year old son survived his second diaperless night dry. Had she changed her last diaper? I feel the same way about food. Well, sort of. Mother Nature decided the last time we would enjoy cantaloupe and she typically does not give a lot of warning. Of course, there will be conference receptions, family reunions, and hotel buffet breakfasts where cantaloupe will be served. But it won't be the same. The store-bought out-of-season cantaloupe (which is typically hard as a rock and flavorless) doesn't even merit comparison to the fragrant, creamy cantaloupe we've enjoyed over the past month. For us, eating seasonally means that we periodically binge on on our favorite fruits and vegetables like cantaloupe, sweet corn, and tomatoes. Since the growing season is so short here in Michigan, we never worry about getting bored with our seasonal menus. While we are in mourning for the end of cantaloupe season, we wait with sweet anticipation for the apples, pears and raspberries that we will buy at the farmers' market this weekend.

Caroline's Lunchbox Menu, September 26: Breakfast - O's, peaches (canned last summer); Lunch - whole wheat elbow macaroni, tofu, yellow peppers, tomatoes; Snacks - fresh mozzarella cheese, Ak-Mak crackers

Childcare Center Menu, September 26: Breakfast - pancakes, syrup, strawberries; Lunch - chicken, pasta salad, red peppers, honeydew; Snacks - cheese, crackers

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