Sunday, September 9, 2007

September 10th Menu

Caroline's Lunchbox Menu, September 10: Breakfast - O's, white peaches; Lunch - whole wheat fusilli pasta, cheddar cheese, grilled zucchini and eggplant, tomatoes; Snacks - cantaloupe melon

Childcare Center Menu, September 10: Breakfast - White grape juice, Cheerios, Life, Rice Krispies; Lunch - macaroni and cheese, mixed vegetables, bananas; Snacks - yogurt, vanilla wafers


Anonymous said...

Hi Betty,

I've been reading your blog and loving it--I wish I ate as well as she does! You are a tireless crusader and she's lucky to have you on her side.

I wonder if Caroline would like Ak-Mak crackers? A few more ingredients than the Ry-Vita (which I like also) but still no garb ingredients. They are made in California (a little closer than the UK). You can find them at Foods for Living or Goodrich's. I believe even L&L and Meijers carry them now.

Ingredients: 100% stone ground "Whole of the Wheat" flour, water, clover honey, sesame oil, dairy butter, sesame seeds, yeast and salt.

Take care,
Chris O'Connor

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Christine. I just bought a box of Ak-Mak crackers. I will pack a couple in Caroline's lunch tomorrow.

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