Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Meal Time Tips

Several weeks ago, Caroline's teacher, Krystyna, gave me a couple of meal time tips to help me deal with my picky eater. She suggested that I talk with Caroline about her food. "Ask her questions about the color of her food or its texture and temperature," she said. I was doubtful that this would work but I gave it a try. I must admit that at first, my questions sounded more like demands with an "eat your food" undertone. But after awhile, it became easier to ask these questions without the expectation that Caroline eat her food. And it's working! According to Krystyna, Caroline was trying to get my attention by putting her feet on the table and refusing to eat her food. After spending an entire day apart, she wanted (and needed) some attention...and she (obviously) knew which of my buttons to press! Since I began paying more attention to her during dinner, she has stopped screaming "NO" and has kept her feet on her chair (though they do creep up once in awhile). Is this all it takes? Not likely. But for now, Caroline is eating her food again.

Caroline's Lunchbox Menu, March 19: Breakfast - ten grain hot cereal, prunes, banana; Lunch - rice with pesto, egg, and tomato (canned last summer), peas and carrots (frozen, Cascadian Farms), Pink Lady apple; Snacks - Bartlett pear, whole wheat graham crackers

Childcare Center Menu, March 19: Breakfast - oatmeal, raisins, bananas; Lunch - cheesy rice, peas, carrots, apples; Snacks - tangerines, smiley fries

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