Sunday, March 16, 2008

Back in Town

After 10 days, I am back in town. We don't have tomorrow's menu, but I have a vague idea of what it might look like. We have four packages of tofu in the fridge waiting to be eaten so I will pack marinated and baked tofu in Caroline's lunch tomorrow. I make this recipe at least once every two weeks because it is easy and Caroline loves it. I marinate the tofu the night before and then cook it under the broiler for about 7 minutes.

Caroline's Lunchbox Menu, March 17: Breakfast - O's, pearsauce; Lunch - marinated and baked tofu, brown rice, broccoli; Snacks - pumpkin carrot muffin

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Lori Baralt said...

Hey Betty, glad to hear that you are back. Can't wait to see you and hear how it went.

Also, could I get the recipe for the marinated and baked tofu? That sounds good.

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