Sunday, October 7, 2007

Cooking with Winter Squash

Cooking with winter squash can be intimidating. And figuring out how to cut into it seems like half of the challenge. But cutting into it doesn't need to involve large knives and band aids. Before I cut into a winter squash, I take a paring knife or fork and poke holes into it and then microwave it for a couple of minutes. The number of holes and minutes varies depending on how big the winter squash is. This weekend, I bought a large butternut squash from Pooh Stevenson at the Meridian Township Farmers' Market. I love butternut squash for its meaty flesh and long, easy-to-cube neck. It is versatile, too, and can be added to soups, stews, baked goods, and pasta dishes. I probably poked about 15 holes into my three- or four-pound Butternut squash and microwaved it for two minutes before cutting into it. I steamed 1/2 cup of it for Caroline's lunch tomorrow and will use the rest of it throughout the week. My friend Robyn (who is visiting from Vancouver, Canada) cut about one pound of it into small dice for tomorrow night's dinner, butternut squash risotto. Thanks, Robyn! What I can't use will be baked or steamed, pureed and frozen in one cup portions.

Caroline's Lunchbox Menu, October 8: Breakfast - buckwheat corn pancakes, blueberries (frozen from Walton Orchards); Lunch - egg, Butternut squash, rice, zucchini; Snacks - mixed variety of cherry tomatoes, Ak-Mak crackers

I forgot to pick up this week's childcare center menu (again). I hope that Caroline's meals and snacks will be similar to what the rest of the children are eating!

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