Sunday, September 7, 2008

Clearview Orchards Peaches!

Last year, I bought beautiful organically grown Queen's Lace peaches from Jane Bush at Appleshram Organic Orchards. But this year, her peaches got frosted out. I thought I wouldn't have any peaches to eat or can this year but found Flaming Fury peaches from Clearview Orchards at yesterday's farmers' market. Clearview Orchards is a family-owned and operated farm in Haslett, Michigan that grows peaches, apples squash, and asparagus. The apples and pumpkins are pre- or U-pick. They also have hay rides during the fall. The peaches aren't certified organic, but they are grown using IPM (integrated pest management), the next best thing. The peaches were last sprayed (very lightly) early in the summer and haven't been sprayed or treated with anything (biological or chemical) since. I bought peaches and apples from Clearview Orchards a couple of years ago and they were delicious. I ended up buying 3 baskets of peaches ($7 per basket) and a basket of apples on Saturday. Tonight, I'll can most of the peaches and eat the rest fresh. Yesterday may have been the last farmers' market day for peaches from Clearview Orchards but they will be available at the farm throughout the week and if we are very, very lucky, there may be a few leftovers next Saturday. To find out for sure, call the farm at (517) 655-1454.

Meridian Township Farmers' Market Picks: broccoli, Cheddar cauliflower (Cinzori Family Farms); corn, a huge heirloom tomato (Titus Farm); pac choi, Harukai turnips (Green Eagle Farm); mixed heirloom tomatoes, baby eggplant, flowers, zucchini, sweet red bell pepper (Owosso Organics); watermelon (Greenman Produce); Flaming Fury peaches, apples (Clearview Orchards, salad greens (Stone Cloud Gardens), cantaloupe (the nice farmer from Mason)

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