Monday, June 2, 2008

June 1st Menu

Caroline's Lunchbox Menu, June 1: Breakfast - O's, pearsauce; Lunch - pinto beans, carrots (Owosso Organics), brown rice with greens from Owosso Organics (chard, beet greens) and Wildflower Eco Farm (broccoli rabe), feta, and dill; Snacks - whole milk plain yogurt, blueberries (frozen, Walton Orchards)

Childcare Center Menu, June 1: Breakfast - white grape juice, Cheerios, Life, Rice Krispies; Lunch - cheesy rice, California vegetables, bananas; Snacks - lemon pudding, wheat crackers

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Geoff said...

Good luck, today. You'll be great!

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