Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Red Beets - Success!

I am not packing beets in Caroline's lunch tomorrow but I just had to write that she finally ate them! Well, she didn't exactly eat the beets but she ate the stems and that is close enough for me. I made braised beet greens tonight for dinner and while I was chopping up the stems, several pieces dropped on the floor. Caroline picked them up one by one and said "beet" and ate each piece. I put cooked stems on her plate for dinner and she happily ate them up. Success!

Caroline's Lunchbox Menu, April 9: Breakfast - ten grain hot cereal, banana, prunes; Lunch - salmon salad, 100% whole grain bread, D'Anjou pear, carrots; Snacks - whole grain crackers, string cheese

Childcare Center Menu, April 9: Breakfast - oatmeal, bananas, raisins; Lunch - tuna fish on pita, cucumbers, pears; Snacks - saltines, cheese

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