Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Grapefruit from Cheryl

Caroline loves grapefruit. I know it's not grown in Michigan but during the winter, my local food shed begins radiating outward into states like Florida where grapefruit and other citrus is at its peak. Caroline likes the grapefruit sections hand peeled, without the bitter pith. I can tell that grapefruit season is winding down now because the prices have gone up and they aren't as sweet as they were a couple of months ago. But today, my friend Cheryl brought grapefruit and tangerines into the office. She picked it yesterday when she was in Florida! Thanks, Cheryl! It tastes wonderful. Tomorrow, I am going to pack half of it for Caroline's lunch.

Caroline's Lunchbox Menu, April 17: Breakfast - blueberries (frozen, Walton Orchards), bran muffin; Lunch - mac n' cheese (with cabbage, kale, mushrooms), mixed vegetables; Snacks - string cheese, multigrain crackers

Childcare Center Menu, April 17: Breakfast - grapes, corn muffin; Lunch - turkey ghoulash, kiwi, California vegetables; Snacks - wheat crackers, cheese stick

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