Monday, August 27, 2007

Red and Yellow Mush or Red Zebra Tomatoes?

I am already feeling challenged. Tomorrow's lunch menu is enchiladas, mixed vegetables and cantaloupe. The mixed vegetables and cantaloupe will be easy to mimic since I picked up a beautiful Vienna melon, sweet corn and carrots at the farmers' market on Saturday. But I've never made enchiladas before. Caroline's teacher said that since they chop up the enchiladas for the toddlers, I could just bring in anything that resembles red and yellow mush. I'll experiment with enchiladas this weekend but for tomorrow, I will pack Caroline's lunch with cubed Red Zebra tomatoes which are red with orange/yellow stripes.

Caroline's Lunchbox Menu, August 28: Breakfast - 100% whole wheat toast, AppleSchram Organic Orchard apple butter, strawberries (bought at the farmers' market and frozen); Lunch -Red Zebra tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, steamed corn, carrots and summer squash, Ryvita crackers, Vienna melon; Snacks - roasted Chioggia beets

Childcare Center Menu, August 28: Breakfast - French toast sticks (processed), syrup, pineapple; Lunch - enchiladas, mixed vegetables, cantaloupe; Snacks - sweet potatoes

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