Tuesday, June 16, 2009

What happened to our parsley?

Before heading out the door every morning, Caroline and I water the herbs we planted in the pots on our small back patio (which is really just a small slab of concrete). We grow rosemary, edible flowers, curly parsley and until this morning, Italian flat leaf parsley. The stems of the flat leaf parsley are still in the pot but the leaves aren't. What happened to our parsley?! Caroline had an idea. "The woodchuck ate it" she said. I think she is right. A woodchuck (a rather plump woodchuck, I might add) has been hanging around our backyard for about a month now and has been munching on the dandelions. Has he moved on to our parsley?


Chris O'Connor said...

Oh that SO smacks of a woodchuck, Betty, or possibly rabbits...maybe even a deer. A little chicken wire wrapped around it might help or try interplanting with basil, thyme, lavender or sage whose strong odor they dislike and tend to ignore. Good luck and hi to Caroline who must be getting so big by now!

Betty said...

I was wondering why our Johnny jump-ups weren't eaten...it's probably because they are planted in a pot with thyme. We'll replant the parsley with another herb. Thanks for the suggestion!

Betty said...

When I got home from work today, I noticed that there are fewer Johnny jump-ups in our pot. It looks like the woodchuck doesn't mind the thyme.

Chris said...

I told Geoff I have a Hav-a-Hart live trap just for woodchucks! Take him for a little ride to an unpopulated area if it gets too bad.


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