Saturday, August 23, 2008

Saturday Farmers' Market Picks

Our fridge is still full of food that we bought last week at the farmers' market so we only picked up a few things today: a bushel of corn for canning (Titus Farms), Red Baby watermelon (Cinzori Farms), okra and Thai basil (Crane Centennial Farm), and two beautiful bouquets of flowers. I love fresh flowers.


Chris O'Connor said...

Hi Betty,

I want to freeze corn for the winter. Do I cook it or should I just blanch it first? Any suggestions?


Betty said...

Hi Chris - I froze corn last weekend. Corn (and other vegetables) should be blanched before freezing. Corn (on the cob) can be blanched or steamed for 4-5 minutes. Cool in ice water or cold running water and then cut the corn off the cob. I spread out the kernels on a cookie sheet and freeze overnight and then package it into bags in the morning. I vacuum pack my corn using my Food Saver but you can just as easily put the frozen kernels in Ziplock bags. Hope this helps!


Kate said...

We were late this weekend (picking up Creswick meat on Saturday) and it was a zoo! I mostly picked up flowers and tomatoes. We have our CSA on Tuesday--I think I might freeze some corn. We've been eating it almost every night at dinner!

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